Gladiatron PlaytestThe gladiator across from you polishes his axe.  The edge shimmers with magical power.  A hiss of steam is released from the mechanical automaton with big, spiked fists.  The space marine lights a cigar, checking his ammo for the fifth time.  And yet you smile.  They are your competitors, but you have faith that the teachings of your master will prove their worth.  The iron lotus cannot be defeated!  The gate rises.  The roar of the crowd washes over you as you get into your fighting stance.


  • Play with gladiators from any universe!
  • New players can join at any time, and still have a chance to win.
  • Action cards keep play quick while still providing interesting choices.
  • Aggression is rewarded, but balanced with a “push your luck” mechanic.
  • Custom dice and rerolls help manage randomness.
  • 2-6 players.
  • Variable game length.  Recommended minimum of 45 minutes.

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